Who we are

Starunner Enterprises is a Veteran owned company based in Grand Junction, Colorado. The DreamCatcher Half Marathon is Starunner Enterprises’ flagship event and launched their dream of business ownership. Through positive encouragement and unique experiences, Starunner Enterprises strives to give you the opportunity to explore your “make-up”: what makes you tick, how you view the world and where you see yourself fitting. During a Starunner event, you are given the opportunity to find your power – one step at a time. Perfect for team building and individual events, let Starunner Enterprises work with you to develop the perfect opportunity.


Starunner Enterprises produces DreamCatcher Half in the Spring and Moonlight Miles 10k & Half in the Fall. In November 2014, Starunner Enterprises produced Band on the Run 5k - a successful fundraiser for the Montrose High School Band and Guard. Over $500 was raised for the Pride of Montrose. Put our experience and enthusiasm to work for your organization - contact us today!


Meet the Team

Bethany HallBethany Hall


She started on a fluke and entered the lottery for the Nike Women's Half Marathon in October 2010 and was bitten hard by the bug and by February 2011, she qualified to join the Half Fanatics.  Since October 2010, she has completed quite a few (42) half marathons with a goal to complete one in each state by 2018.  Bethany is a walker and is quite proud of the fact that no matter how long it takes her, she finishes.  As a “back of the packer”, Bethany understands how intimidating any event can be and wanted to share her enthusiasm, experience, trials and tribulations with others in the hope that maybe just one person would push past their comfort zone to try something new.  After all, it’s not about the event, it’s about the battle that takes place on the inside – from the voice that says you’re not good enough to the heart that knows you are.  You can also follow her adventures at www.starunnersgalaxy.blogspot.com


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Terrie Smith-Hotary

Terrie Smith


A Michigan girl and die-hard sports fan who recently relocated to Colorado for a job in IT. Terrie and Bethany have been friends for the better part of two decades. Terrie is both the technological and artistic (creating the website and designing the medals and marketing materials) half of Starunner Enterprises; as well as being the ‘lawn chair quarterback’ for Bethany’s races. With proper arm twisting, we are sure Terrie will blog about her quarterbacking duties (hint, hint). The busier we keep her, the less time she has to miss her family in the midwest.


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Tami Robinson


The Wrangler (aka Volunteer Manager), Tami!

Tami is a Colorado girl and used to be the Sherpa to Bethany’s races. Now she’s fully involved, having joined the Half Fanatics in 2012. Tami’s role is to wrangle up, develop and manage the key group of Volunteers that keep our runners happy before, during and after the race. 







KatieKatie Skalla


Our "Motivational Party Planner" (aka - Marketing and Sponsorship Director). Katie brings to Starunner a HUGE amount of spunk, positivity and zazzle!

From Katie - "My breakout year in participating in running events was the Spring of 2011. Since then I have ran several 5ks, 10ks, 14 Half Marathons, and one Full Marathon. I have a passion for running, and feel incredibly blessed to be able to run. I love running so much that I want to spread the love for it and motivate others to believe and have the courage to try it. If it is for you - after that first race, you will be hooked!! My personal goal for 2014 of joining the Half Fanatics was achieved upon completing our very own Moonlight Miles Half (#8540) in July! Since then I also did the Ragnar Tennessee. What a year full of accomplishements!"


From Staff - We are SO proud of Katie and all she has accomplished. We can't wait to see what is next for her and continue to feed off of her enthusiasm for life.



At Starunner Enterprises, we may never be elite athletes ourselves, but we enjoy the challenge of pushing ourselves and supporting others as they challenge themselves.  Let us help you discover the sheer joy in endorphins.  We promise that you will discover your power inside.